How to make money on Crypto?

There are indeed many ways, but it can be boiled down to these 14 ways (today)

Ways to make money in Crypto (2021 Edition):
1. Buy and hodl BTC
2. Buy and hodl shitcoins
3. Trade the above
4. Get interests from above
5. DeFi or CEX provide LP’s and earn yields, and farm LP’s
6. Farm stablecoins
7. Farm yields on CEX futures
8. Ape into low cap gems
9. Flip IEO, IFO, IDO or whatever I’s and O’s
10. Arbitrage, whether CEX or DEX
11. OTC P2P
12. Flip NFT’s
13. Make NFT’s
14. All of the above

The laziest ways would be #1, #4, #6
Followed by #2, #5 (need to decide which shitcoins to hold and what LP’s to farm and where to farm)
Credits to Wilsrug

I personally dabble in #8 and #6 only.

There is no 1 way to win in crypto. It all depends on your risk tolerance, objective and willingness to put in the time and work. There is nothing wrong in being lazy, but you can’t expect to get outsized returns with minimal effort as well.

In my following articles, I will attempt to dive into each of these in detail.

In particular, I believe that #8 and #6 holds the most potential for most Singaporeans.

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