LUNA Ecosystem: A repository

Summary, Views and Whitepapers

TeFi Ecosystem Overview - As of 19 Sep 2021


AMM / Marketplaces


  • Mars 

    • Decentralised bank where users can lend and borrow any form of value

    • Litepaper

    • Article

  • Prism 

    • Derivatives protocol that allows users to manage the risks associated with volatile prices and unstable yields in a simple and capital-efficient manner by ‘refracting’ digital assets into two distinct parts: a yield component and a principal component.

    • Whitepaper

    • Article

  • Nexus

    • Allowing users to maximise their yields on Anchor and Mirror through easy LTV management (Anchor) and execution of Delta Neutral Strategies (Mirror)

    • Litepaper

  • Yield Aggregator / Optimisers

    • Spectrum

      • Yield optimiser. Facilitates auto-compounding / auto-staking of governance tokens to supercharge returns

      • Docs

    • ApolloDAO

      • Yield Aggregator for TeFi Assets. Warchest will be funded for deployment by DAO members

      • Article

  • Launchpads

    • Pylon ($MINE)

      • Launchpad. Lossless investing through fixed yields of Anchor and liquidity lockup

      • Projects set to launch on Pylon include:

        • TerraWorld ($TWD)

        • Valkyrie ($VKR)

        • Nexus ($Psi)

        • Nebula ($NEB)

        • Galactic Punk

          • This is not a launch per-se, but a lottery pool

  • StarTerra

    • Launchpad with Gamification mechanics

      • Whitepaper

      • Projects set to launch on StarTerra include:

        • Loop Finance


  • Ozone 

  • Insurance. Facilitates levered coverage of technical failure risks in the Terra DeFi ecosystem

  • Stader

    • Staking Yield Optimiser for $LUNA. Allows for convenient airdrop collection and compounding staking rewards

    • Article

  • White Whale

    • Enabling retail access to the LUNA/TerraSDR arbitrage opportunities; while simultaneously helping to ensure TerraSDR maintains peg

    • Article

  • Valkyrie

    • Social referral marketing and rewards distribution through the blockchain

    • Whitepaper

  • Suberra

    • Perpetual subscriptions to services through upfront ‘deposits’, leveraging on Anchor Protocol’s fixed, stable yield

  • TerraFirma

    • Democratising Real-World Real Estate as Fractionalised NFTs

  • Angel

    • Perpetual charity endowments by leveraging on stable yields provided by Anchor Protocol

  • fan$quad

    • Decentralized crowdfunding for the creative industry

  • LOTA

    • Decentralised Lottery System

    • Official Docs

    • Bull/Bear: Neutral. What’s good is that it adds another use case for UST, and as we know, increased demand for UST means decreased supply of LUNA, increasing upward price pressure for LUNA.

  • BetTerra

    • Betting (Gambling) Platform for good

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